DISC membership

If you skate regularly on DISC ice, join classes, or want to test and compete, then DISC membership is for you! 

DISC offers annual membership either for individual skaters or family membership.

Visiting skaters do not need DISC membership if they plan to skate on DISC open ice less that three times a term. As a visiting skater, you will pay more for sessional ice, but if you plan to skate more than three times then you will need DISC membership and will pay members' prices for sessional open ice.

Reasons for joining DISC

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Development classes

Classes taught by qualified coaches

As a DISC member, you can book Development classes. These classes advance skating skills in a range of figure and speed skating disciplines. DISC Development classes run as a block matching school terms.

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Club open-ice

Train independently or arrange private coaching

Disc members can book sessions to skate on Club open ice. Choose from a one-off session, a fixed number of days each week, or book full access so that you can use Club open ice as often as you like.

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Competition, testing&events

Test to progress your skills and skate in competitions

Being a member of DISC means you can participate in Club events, compete in regional championships, national championships or in events such as NZ Masters Games. DISC members have priority when DISC hosts testing.