Development Classes Tiers 1-5

Supported by Otago Community Trust
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Weekly classes during the school term where skaters learn skills and skating moves appropriate to their ability and grade. The aim of Development classes is to prepare skaters with fundamental skills for performance and competition. Skaters will need additional lessons with a private coach if they want to develop a routine for competition or hone their skills for medal tests.

All skaters must be members of DISC.

Monday Development tiers 1-5


5:00 - 5:50 pm


This class focuses on all skating skills: skating moves include spins and basic drilling for jumps. The class starts with line work and moves into small groups.  Lines are about task focus and guided practice so errors don’t creep in that undermine fundmental skating skills and patterns. Skaters are broadly grouped into Tiers based on stroking and free skate level, and age. Groupings are subject to change periodically, and are reviewed each term.

We currently anticipate that this class will run with one interruption this term

Friday Spin Development 


4:00 - 4:50 pm


After a warm-up, this class focuses on spin practice, extension and field moves. Coaching takes place through small group work with tasks that change over the class time.

This programme is interrupted on Fri 18th June.

Friday Stroking Development terms 1 & 4


5:00 - 5:50 pm

This class focuses on all stroking skills. Skaters are grouped according to their test level and practise their stroking edges and patterns. Edge quality is an important element of a figure skater's performance, and this class helps skaters work on their stroking, as well as prepare for tests.