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Competition Information


You must be TC registered to compete in all grades from Pre Elementary and up (TC registration is not required to compete in Kiwi Skate). TC registration must be renewed each year.


You must have passed the required stroking and free skate tests in order to compete in a grade. See the NZIFSA test rules and regulations.


For DISC Championships, entry form links will be circulated by the competitions secretary.


For most non DISC NZ competitions, DISC is required to collate and submit entries on your behalf including (but not limited to) the following:

  • Otago Southland Championships

  • South Island Championships

  • New Zealand Championships

For these events you submit the competition entry form to the DISC competition secretary and make payment to the DISC treasurer. DISC requires that completed entry forms and payment be submitted at least one week prior to the date on the entry form. 

For other non DISC competitions within NZ (including the North Island Championships) you are responsible for your own entry and payment as per that competition’s announcement and entry details.


Please see the NZIFSA competitions page for dates and entry information for all domestic competitions. Please put these dates in your calendar as late entries cost extra and sometimes are not accepted at all.



If you plan to represent DISC at Hollins or any of the interclub competitions, you must notify the NZIFSA before making arrangements to attend. Please contact the General Secretary at to do so.  For further information regarding entering international competitions including representing New Zealand please see the NZIFSA FAQ.


If you have any questions relating to competitions ask your coach(es) in the first instance, or if you want some help navigating your way through the NZIFSA Competitions page or Rules and Regulations pages, contact the DISC competitions secretary.

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